Why you must NOT buy a nintendo wii

enero 21, 2009 at 9:03 am 2 comentarios


For some business reason, I have a Wii, had been playing for a few days but no more.

This console is not what I expected
But, why? if it is supposed to be the best selling console of the moment.

You must NOT buy a Wii because:

  • It’s not addictive, would rather play with my old black XBOX.
  • There aren’t good games. TELL ME ONE?. You need to be a 6 years old kid to enjoy the Wii sports more than 1 week.
  • The wiimote sucks, i think this is the main reason that is not addictive, I want to play, not do exercise, and doesn’t matter how do you move it, the Wiimote doesn’t work.
  • I don’t have a game cube controller, i can’t play anything in the Wii. Someone tell me if the Super Smash Bros can be played with a wiimote
  • It’s not cheap, with that money i could have bought an amazing video card for mi PC.

“No me gusta jugar de pie, si quisiera hacer ejercicio me saldria a correr a la calle.”

The wii could be a good thing for ancients, kids and Nintendo fanboys, but if you’re looking good games, try with other console.

Check this funny shity video. (MATURE LANGUAGE)


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  • 1. Luma  |  marzo 3, 2009 en 10:42 pm

    O_O en lo personal las críticas de loquendo no son del todo acertadas, sólo ve lo malo son críticas destructivas, a veces hace alguna acertada pero en general siento que exagera…. y pues….dirían los españoles, para mi el Wii mola, alta tecnología al alcance de tu mano, no deja de sorprenderme Nintendo

    • 2. azte  |  marzo 4, 2009 en 2:13 am

      Pues hay ocasiones en que pareciera que solo ve lo malo, pero en la mayoría de los casos son criticas bastante acertadas…



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